Istituto Gentili enriches its list with a drug dedicated to supportive therapies for cancer patients.

Istituto Gentili has always been committed to improving the quality of life of cancer patients and recognizing the important role of the treatments used to manage the side effects of therapies and improve patient clinical outcomes.

In line with its mission, the company has recently enriched its product portfolio with a drug based on megestrol acetate indicated in the treatment of anorexia and neoplastic cachexia to counteract the weight loss of cancer patients. Indeed, malnutrition and weight loss are among the most debilitating symptoms of oncological diseases, both in the advanced and early stages, already at the time of diagnosis. Patients may have weight loss, muscle loss and metabolic changes that affect quality of life and disease prognosis. Treating these symptoms can bring benefits to the efficacy of cancer treatment and survival, improving the everyday life of patients and their caregivers.