Istituto Gentili's portfolio reflects the company's strong commitment in the oncology (breast cancer) and oncohematology (non-Hodgkin's lymphoma) fields and also in supportive therapies that help clinicians and their patients to counteract pain and complications from chemotherapy.

Istituto Gentili proposes itself as a partner in oncology, offering patients the appropriate treatment and support to fight cancer.

Istituto Gentili is committed to providing therapeutic solutions for breast cancer including a tyrosine kinase inhibitor for HER2 + tumors and a doxorubicin with an innovative liposomal delivery system which is able to deliver the drug to the tumor site in HER2- forms.

Recently, the company has expanded its portfolio with three new drugs belonging to the family of aromatase inhibitors, offering the clinician irreplaceable weapons against hormone-sensitive breast cancer.


Products in alphabetical order

  • Axelta - exemestane
  • Effentora - fentanyl citrate
  • Gestroltex - magestrol acetate
  • Lonquex - lipegfilgrastim
  • Loramyc - miconazole
  • Myocet - liposomal doxorubicin
  • Raoloz - anastrozole
  • Rydapt - midostaurin
  • Sandostatina LAR - octreotide acetate
  • Setofilm - ondansetron
  • Votrient – pazopanib
  • Zoltron - letrozole