Istituto Gentili is an Italian pharmaceutical company whose mission statement is “to improve the quality of human life by providing innovative therapeutic solutions in oncology and onco-hematology disease areas”.

In recent years, by establishing a series of partnerships with pharmaceutical multinational corporations, Istituto Gentili can daily provide access to targeted therapies for patients with severe carcinomas, such as breast cancer and non-Hodgkin lymphoma, and supportive therapy for the treatment of cancer complications, including neutropenia, oropharyngeal mucositis and cancer pain.




In March 2017, Società Istituto Gentili S.r.l. adopted the organisation, management and control Model drawn up pursuant to Legislative Decree n° 231/2001, which established a supervisory body to guarantee the correct functioning of the  organisation, management and control Model.


Istituto Gentili has established itself on the national pharmaceutical scene as a reliable partner for collaboration agreements with multinational pharmaceutical companies active in the field of oncology, which have helped to strengthen its product portfolio.