Istituto Gentili enriches its portfolio of drugs for breast cancer

Offering greater possibilities for the treatment of breast cancer and accompanying patients in their therapeutic path through a targeted response based on the tumor subtype: it is with this purpose that Istituto Gentili announces the introduction of three new drugs which complement those already present in its portfolio.

In particular, these are drugs used for the treatment of hormone-sensitive breast cancer, which accounts for 70% of breast cancer cases. Exemestane, letrozole and anastrozole – which belong to the family of aromatase inhibitors - are included in the Guidelines both at an advanced stage and as an adjuvant: their use has shown lasting benefits in terms of reducing disease recurrence and mortality from breast cancer.

With the entry of these three new drugs, Istituto Gentili confirms its commitment to the fight against breast cancer, offering the doctor irreplaceable weapons against the hormone sensitive cancer, which are added to those already present in the company's product list, such as lapatinib for HER2+ patients and liposomal doxorubicin for HER2- or triple negative patients.