Retrospective exhibition "Volumnia"

Istituto Gentili is committed to support philanthropic initiatives with a cultural purpose.

  • Mediolanum Farmaceutici Group, of which Istituto Gentili is a member, sponsors retrospective exhibition “Volumnia” (taking place in the former Church of Sant’Agostino in Piacenza, April-May 2019). This exhibition is dedicated to Gabriella Crespi, electic artist, style icon, Milanese and an ambassador of Italian style all over the world (
    Support for art and culture is consistent with the Group’s mission to pursue the well-being of the individual, which is not only about being healthy, but covers all aspects of existence, the environment and the social context in which we live. The choice to sponsor an exhibition that pays homage to the artistic work of Gabriella Crespi also has a symbolic value: ‘Volumnia’ is set up in a church that is surrounded by history, whose roots sit at the foot of its impressive colonnade, majestically rising up from the ground, in the same way in which Mediolanum Pharmaceuticals has deep roots in Italy and, from these cornerstones, is projected upwards, looking forward, to find an ever more efficient and punctual response to the needs of the community it cares for.